Thursday, August 9, 2012

Painting with Sponge Curlers

So lately I've been trying to go through my junk and get rid of the excess. Whenever I decide to get rid of stuff I also realize I'm kind of a pack rat in the sence that I have a had time throwing things away because I think of the difference ways I could reuse items (needless to say pinterest has added to the issue). I have a laundry basket of my old clothes I plan on turning into clothes for my boys that I'll get around to someday.  But as I was trying to throw things away I found some sponge curlers I bought from the dollar tree that turned out to not work so well so I never used them again.  While trying to justiful keeping them my boys ran up, pulled out the sponge and started playing with them, which gave me the idea of using them for a painting art project.  We tried painting last week with paint brushes and it was a little difficult for them so using the sponge was perfect. I can't tell you how much fun they had. 

 Painting with Sponge Curlers!


At first they loved making dots on their picture, and then they enjoyed using it as a brush and getting pretty messy.  I've decided my favorite paint for the kids to use is the Crayola Washable Tempera Paint, I picked up some at target and love how easy it is to clean off of everything after a messy project.  I think this project would work so well for older kids to make wheels on a car or flowers with a perfect circle.


  1. I think that pack rat thing must be genetic! I keep stuff thinking that I'll need it again later and when later finally comes around, I can't find the stuff I put away to begin with! Crazy! By the way, I love your boys straped in to do art projects! It sure cuts down on messes, doesn't it!!:)

  2. Haha oh man Lisa, story of my life, I can never find anything. Maybe we should re read Allison's organization post! and strapping them in totally helps, and so does stripping them down to their underoos!