Monday, August 27, 2012

Lisa: Favorites on Pinterest

Hello, again!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  We did here with the start up of soccer season for my kiddos and an extended family party for my husband's side of the family!  Very fun weekend but now, back to work!!  We are packing like mad at my house and nearly have the basement done.  On to the main floor tomorrow!  Whew!  Who knew I was such a pack rat!  My husband consoles me by saying that I would definitely not make it onto the Hoarders show!  Well, at least there's that!

For this week's post, I am taking the lazy way out!!  I want to show you some of my favorite pins from Pinterest this week.  I am addicted.  I have considered getting another account just so those that are currently following me don't think that I do nothing but pin.  I just have a lot of free time, like, at stop lights and waiting in the line at the grocery store.  Just kidding!  I have never done those two things (I think!) but I do love Pinterest so here goes!  (Some of the following do not have links but I have provided the ones I do have!)

Bring on fall!! This Roasted Sweet Corn and Tomato Soup sounds like a great fall dinner!

Raise your hand if you know where this is!

Pinned Image
(It's Haystack Rock, FYI!)

The hours spent watching these movies and reading the books!!  Time well used!

Pinned Image

This is awesome!

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I have had this Raspberry Jello Salad and it is delicious!!

Pinned Image

There's not much privacy here but what an amazing view!

Pinned Image

A Bored Jar .  When the kids say they're bored, they have to pull out a slip and do what it says.  It may be to clean their room or do something fun.  Hmm.... the possiblities!


These boots would be so perfect for the sloshy, muddy mess we get around these parts with any moisture!
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Well, there are a few of the ones I liked.  Funny, but I noticed a trend towards fall and home.  I think I'm ready for cooler weather and no moving!!  See you next week!


  1. Lisa...I wish I could be there to help you guys! I'm so excited for your big move and everything that is happening in the next several months. Good luck with all of it! Maybe for our next sister's weekend, we should watch Anne of Green Gables :)

  2. Can I just say that I have thought of the second pinterest account too! haha, it is too addictive! I can't believe you guys are moving already! Hope things go well, and also I second Sara's idea about green gables. I haven't seen it forever!