Monday, August 6, 2012

Lisa: Cleaning Tips Revealed!!

Good Monday morning to you all!!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  We had a superb one with a baptism of our nephew, date night with my hubby and me and a wonderful get together at our house with my in-laws.  It was great! 

Well, I have the results of my cleaning tips that I am ready to share with you!  Some were really worth the effort and others are no different that putting a little elbow grease into it.  So without further delay, I give you the results!

1) Cleaning the grate from a gas stove top with ammonia.

Results: Definitely worth it!!  I wasn't thinking but my grates are twice as big as this one pictured so I put all three of them in a large garbage bag and poured the ammonia in.  I twist tied the end and made sure there were no leaks.  I left and was ready to let them sit overnight.  Well, my husband went downstairs and discovered after three hours that, of course, the ammonia had leaked through the bag.  We pulled the grates out and discovered that the parts of the ammonia that had gotten a good soak were super easy to clean.

 We just had to basically wipe off the crude instead of scrubbing forever to get a bit off.  The parts of the grate that didn't sit in the ammonia were really messy,still, and hard to clean.

 I think next time, I'll put them in a tote tray and pour the ammonia in and cover them over night.  But over all, I am really pleased to have so easy a solution for such a hard problem!!

2) Soak your knives in lemon juice to get rid of rust spots

Results:  It kind of worked.  It did make it slightly easier to remove the rust stains but it still required a lot of scrubbing.  I guess any help is good, though, right?!  Here are my before and after knife pictures.

Well, I guess this cleaning tip got me to clean my knives, so....success??

3) Using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean off my cookie sheet.

Results: Failed!!  It did not help and using a green scrubby seemed a whole lot more successful at getting the pan clean than the Magic Eraser.  I had high hope for you, Mr. Power!!  I also heard that if you put some in your toilet bowl, it would clean it over night.  It didn't.  But, as always, the Magic Eraser worked wonders on cleaning off the walls and moldings in my house.  It even got rid of the black scuff mark on my garage door where someone karate chopped the door close.  Nicely done, my Ninjas! Nicely done!

Well, that's it for me!!  Hopefully this helped anyone who wanted to know!  See you next week!


  1. Magic Erasers also work like a champ to clean white macbook keyboards and my previously nasty bathtub floor!

    1. Excellent news! I have some shower tiles in need of a scrubbing which I haven't been looking forward to! And genius idea on the keyboard cleaning tip! I'm going to try them both tomorrow! Thanks!