Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shauna: Birthday Card Folders

Birthday Card Folders

I've decided to start working on my New Years Resolutions (better late than never!).  One of those resolutions as it is and ever will be is  keeping in touch with loved ones.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm the worst phone caller, e-mailer, letter writer and getting back to you there ever was, and every year I have a goal to break the habit.  There are still a few months left in 2012 and I decided I'm going to try and make them count (we'll see how far I get on my weight lose/learning French goals...).

Recently my mother came for a visit and we had a blast.  One day we ended up in the Dollar Tree getting some balloons for Wesley's birthday and I found myself in the card section.  I love cards, and I think I got this love from Allison actually because she always has a plethora of cards for all occations, and is the best card giver! I realized that the Dollar Tree has some awesome cards from Elmo to My Little Pony, and Eric Carle to Tonka Trucks, and most of them are 2 for $1! So I decided right then and there to start a birthday card folder. 

                      Birthday cards (Dollar Tree)
                      Folder with at least 12 sections (Target)
                      Stickers (Dollar Tree)
                      Birth dates  


I bought over 30 birthday cards (all for nieces and nephew- their adult cards I think I'll buy somewhere else, DT doesn't have the best selection) and I realized that DT has some great sticker packets that come in 3 sheets for a dollar, so I thought it would be fun to add those to the cards too.  As I looked for a box to hold all the birthday cards I wasn't sure what to look for.  We live in an apartment and I'm always looking for new ways to save space, so I didn't want anything bulky.  Then I found a misplaced accordion file folder in Target and realized it was perfect, just the right size.  So I labeled the files with the months of the year, separated the cards, and it was done! Now I have all the cards organized and ready to be sent, and a front file for special occasion cards too. 


  1. I need to do this. This is one of my resolutions yearly, too. I will do this.... :)

  2. Well it is a pretty easy task, and Mom makes it easy by sending out all the birthdays and addresses! Now I just need to get them for Dave's side!

  3. Well, that makes three of us with this same resolution then! I usually miss the January ones because I haven't written out the cards. Then I might send a couple in February and March but I tend to start forgetting. By April, I'm finished! Your planning method might be just the thing I need, Shauna! I'll have to give it a try!

  4. Way to go, Shauna! This was one of my resolutions for this year, and so far, I think I've kept it. It's been harder with the siblings (I think I've missed both my brothers), but everyone else has received a card. I appreciated the tip about Dollar Tree! Cards are spendy! More places are starting to offer really cute dollar cards, including Walgreens, Wal Mart and Target. Great post, sister!