Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Favorites: Projects and Ideas

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites.  This week we're going to do another post of "Favorite Projects/Pins and Ideas".  There are so many ideas that we all pin on Pinterest, but how many of them are as good as they say they are?  How many would we like to try, but just haven't yet?

This week, I thought I'd share a dish I actually attempted to make, and give my review of the recipe.  I'm also going to share a project that I've been dying to try, but realistically, probably won't get to for awhile.

As I'm getting closer and closer to my due date (3 weeks from today!), I've realized that I should probably stock my fridge and freezer, so I don't have to feel guilty as my husband fends for himself at dinner time.  I had already made up a lasagna to place in the freezer, but thought I could use one more large casserole-type dish.  Enchiladas!  So I headed to my Pinterest "Favorite Recipes" board (which can be found here), and searched for an enchilada recipe.  Of course the pin claimed to be "the best white chicken enchilada recipe ever".  It linked to this blog, and gave a pretty straightforward recipe.  I was able to assemble the tortillas, chicken and cheese while the sauce simmered (which I liked).    Here's my official review:

I thought the recipe was overall VERY GOOD.  It was easy to follow, and quick to assemble.  Most enchilada recipes that I've followed have called for the sauce to be mixed with the chicken.  This one did not.  The center of the tortilla only contained the chicken and cheese.  Pouring the sauce over the top of the wrapped tortillas did make it a lot less messy to assemble (one of the reasons I'm not a fan of making chicken enchiladas).  I think, in theory, pouring the sauce over the top should allow for the sauce to get into the tortilla from the sides.  In reality, not much was able to "soak in", but there was plenty of sauce on top to simply mix into the chicken, once on the plate.

My husband has also given his approval (which is important).  He liked the taste of the sauce, but said he would have preferred it a little spicier.  For me, the green chilies were enough.  :)

So there you go!  The Lacey family has given the stamp of approval to this recipe.  I've actually already used it a second time, which is definitely a good sign.

Now that all your stomachs are growling, let's move to the project I can't wait to finish, but realistically may not get to for at least a year.  Growing up, we had this big, huge denim quilt.  I remember it following us to outdoor adventures and keeping us warm in the basement.  As I've begun sewing, I've wanted to make my own jean quilt.  I have looked through many many denim quilts, trying to find a pattern that caught my eye.  I wanted one that was similar to my parents', but with a little more organization, for the quilter in me.  Then, I found this quilt on this blog:

I love the simplicity of the strips.  They're organized, but still resemble the staggered brick-layered pattern.  I think I'll omit the initial, and probably add a more neutral flannel to the back, but plan to use the pattern that she has given on her blog.  She also gives a detailed tutorial, which I appreciate.  I've been collecting old jeans for awhile now, and have already ripped them into strips.  Someday, I'll put them together, and probably just do straight lines instead of a stippled stitch with my machine.  Someday...

What projects are you dying to finish?  I'm sure your list is as long as mine.  Alright... who's next?  :)

Allison, we must be sisters because I have been planning my own denim quilt!!  I've been saving jeans and pinning ideas!  How crazy!  Well, we can do them together and you can give me tips since you are the seamstress!

Soda Pop Ice Cream
For this week's Friday Favorites, I thought I'd share a soda pop ice cream pin I tried.  The soda pop ice cream only has two ingredients: 1 2liter any flavor pop you'd like (we used orange) and a 14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk.  It was easy to prepare but it wasn't all that good.  It was fine but a month later, it is still in my freezer even though I told my children they could have it.  If the kids don't like it, I think we won't make it again!

Pinned Image

Another pin I tried and loved was The Crochet School.  I have crocheted for years (very badly!) but when I saw this pin I thought that it wouldn't hurt to learn some new stitches.  It is awesome!  I have trouble reading patterns and this helped a lot.  It also has variations on stitches and a lot of new stitches so a big plus! And it is all free!!  Yes!  I highly recommend it!

Well, that is two down of all the pins I've pinned.  Now I only have about three thousand more to try!!  Baby steps!


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  1. Lisa... I just pinned the Crochet School link! Can't wait to try it. I have pinned so many crochet pins, but have yet to really learn. Thanks for the review!!