Thursday, May 24, 2012

Katrina: Summer Bucket List

I attended a Stake Relief Society activity for our church a couple weeks ago and was shown this awesome idea:  A Summer Bucket List

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do in the summer was go camping, and go to the beach, and run through the sprinkler, and eat popsicles, and go to the park, and play basketball in our street, or baseball, and have a BBQ.  Oh wait, that's more than one thing...

Well, with this "summer bucket list" it gives us a chance to write down all those fun things we want to do, even new activities we want to try, in a cute, simple way.  Here's how we put one together (you could do one lots of different ways).

 We bought a plastic planting bucket.  The clothespins are a must, you will see, soon.  Then, because I do not own a cricket to make fancy letters or anything, and I didn't want to attempt it myself, I bought these foam sticker letters and some foam sticker stars.

I decorated the bucket with the help of my children.

They worked hard on it!

Here is the finished product!  What to do with the clothespins: Have the family get together to decide on some activities they want to do during summer.  Then write an activity on each clothespin.  During the summer, when you actually do the activity, put the clothespin in the bucket!

Happy almost summer!



  1. Great idea Katrina!! I love that!! I also love that you can get the supplies at the Dollar Tree, so it's actually an affordable craft. Glad to know it's kid friendly too. Great pictures!!

  2. Very nice! I bet the kids will love taking the pins off and putting them in the bucket!