Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sara Jane: Bird Feeders

Summer hasn't quite kicked in here in the Willamette Valley.  This week it has rained more and harder than I've seen in a long time.  Don't get me wrong....I LOVE the rain...I really do.  It's just that I haven't had much inspiration when it comes to summer.

When we moved into our little home a few years ago, the yard was COVERED in beautiful flowers, bird baths, and all the cutesy yard ornaments you might expect from an older couple.  Since we've moved in, however, a few things have happened:  (1) like I have mentioned before, I sorta stink at gardening so most of the beautiful flowers had to go and were replaced with plants (mostly herbs) that were a little less upkeep; (2) we downsized to ONE bird bath.  The others found their way to my parent's home or were re-purposed; and (3) ALL the little trinkets around the yard have either been broken by my busy babies or thrown away by their tired mother.

There was, however, one part of the yard I adored....4 birdhouses that are placed neatly around the backyard.

This picture is completely unretouched.  Yes, that is why I live in Oregon.  BEA-U-TI-FUL!

Today, while I was outside playing in the mud with my babies, I noticed, again, the many, many birds around my home.  They always make me smile.  They actually live in the pleasant little houses and each morning we get to wake up to their lovely songs.  Their houses are good for two reasons....Eating and Sleeping.  Since their wood houses are too high for me to reach, I thought I would make some bird feeders to stick around our yard so the sweet little birds stay nearby.

Here we go.  What you will need:

1.  First, I prepared my milk jug by cleaning it and letting it dry.  Next, I drew a circle around where I wanted my lovely daughter to cut.

2.  Next, I had my daughter (with my assistance) cut the hole out.  After she was done cutting, I went back around it to make sure it was fairly smooth.  I definitely wouldn't want to hurt the little bird's fee.

3.  I next tied my twine to the top of the jug making sure it would not slip off.  Wire may be used for this part, too.

4.  Next, I filled the jug with bird seed (I bought the inexpensive bag from Walmart.  I am pretty sure birds aren't too picky about what they eat.).  Then I tied it securely to my apple tree.

After finishing my lovely milk jug bird feeder, I came across an old glass light globe that was in our house when we moved in.  I planned on taking it to Goodwill but not anymore.

Using steps 3 and 4, this light fixture....

became this lovely bird feeder.

I hope our feathered friends will enjoy the little treats we have added to our yard.

If you're up for making a treat for the little humans around your house, here is a yummy looking popsicle that I will definitely be trying if it ever decides to warm up around here.


Sara Jane


  1. Way to "upcycle", Sara! :) I love the milk jug feeder! PJ did a great job. ;)

  2. Nice!! Such a cute couple of feeders! And they'll keep the food dry! Good idea!

  3. Sorry. That was me, Lisa, that left that last comment!

  4. That is a great project for me and Cameron this summer. Yummy recipe too. You guys are doing a great job on the blog. Live the picture Alison posted of you when you were little.

    1. Thanks Becky! That picture is definitely one of my favorites from our childhood!

  5. I love the bird feeders!! I am scared to put one on our deck because I know our cat would go crazy on some birds. I can't believe how green it is in Oregon!!