Friday, May 25, 2012

Shauna: Ice Cream Social

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Summer and ice cream go together like Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe.  They were made for each other.  They two are the quintessential team of summer vacation.  I got an ice cream attachment for my Kitchenaid for Mom's Day (!!) and we also own a waffle cone maker (I know, it's amazing).  So you can image I've been going a little crazy with ice cream recipes.  So far I've made vanilla bean, strawberry, and french vanilla M&M.  I'm hoping to try this chocolate peanut butter ice cream below for our Sunday dessert.


What is your favorite homemade ice cream recipe? 


  1. my favorite homemade flavor is white chocolate (I don't normally like white chocolate though). and I really want my own ice cream maker! I have too many recipes saved to not be able to make them.

  2. I have never made homemade ice cream but now I want to try it. If I were to make it, I would want chocolate peanut butter. Yummm!


  3. Love the ice cream and those pictures! We make a mean cinnamon ice cream here. One of my daughters took a batch to school with a presentation on spices and all the KIDS asked for the recipe! That was a first! And I love the 'Anne of Green Gables' reference! Still one of my favorites! Love you!

  4. You are a brave woman to have an ice cream maker in the house. I don't think I'd trust myself with that one! I LOVE ICE CREAM!! :)