Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Allison: Patriotic Wreath Tutorial and Giveaway

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Hello, again!  I hope everyone had a relaxing Mother's Day!

I'm so excited for this week's theme!  I LOVE Memorial Day!  I consider myself a very patriotic person, and relish any opportunity to be reminded how blessed I am to live in this free country and to celebrate all those who protect/have protected that freedom.

For this week's post, I did some "research" on Pinterest and found this cute wreath made of tulle.  There was only one thing wrong with this wreath:  I am WAY too lazy to tie that much tulle!!  But it did remind me of a scrappy fabric wreath I attempted for Halloween last year.  I knew I had most of the fabric I would need, and knew where to get the rest of the supplies for CHEAP.  Here's what you need:

* I found this 9" wreath at the dollar store.  Perfect!  A little small, but that means less work.  :)

* Ribbon for hanging, if you choose (dollar store, again).  I have a wreath hook, so I didn't use mine.

* The stars I found at Joann's for $.29/each!  I only ended up using one.

* Fabric.  This is a great project to use your extra scraps of fabric.  I had all but the blue, which I found at Joann's in the Fat Quarters section.

This project is great, because there's no right or wrong way to do it.  I chose 3 different fabrics of each color.  I cut the pieces 1 1/4" wide and 9-10" long.  Some were thinner or shorter, depending on what scraps I had.  Anything shorter than 9" was a little harder to work with, but still doable.

Next, start tying!  I double tied one piece of each fabric, alternating between red and white.  If you look at the wreath as a clock, tie red and white from 12 o'clock to 9 o'clock (or 3/4 of the wreath).  Then tie your blue pieces the rest of the way.

You can nest the knots together if you don't want as much of the wreath showing through.  Or you can spray paint the wreath white before you start tying fabric.  (I did this with my Halloween wreath and it worked great!)

That decision might be the toughest part of this project.  :)  I liked it both ways, but decided to paint my little star and hot glue it on.  Multiple smaller stars could be cute too.


Okay... now the fun part!  Leave a comment below answering one (or both) of the following questions:

* What do you like most about our blog?
* What would you like to see more of on our blog?

 If you aren't one of our Facebook friends, I'll also need your email address included in your comment (or you can email it to us at fivecraftysisters@gmail.com).  You have until Sunday night to enter.  Good luck, and Happy Memorial Day!!



  1. Ooh I love the big white star on it.

    I love how this is a family blog! Sisters coming together. Can't wait to read more!

  2. Super cute! And I love it with the star on it!

  3. I too like the big star on it. This wreath is adorable and I can't wait to see what else appears on your new blog. This is a fantastic idea! I love most that you all have found a way to stay connected by doing this blog and that you are sharing all these great things with us, we are lucky! :)

  4. Awesome idea, Allison! I love it with the star. Super cute!

  5. I like the big star on it too! I like seeing the different blog posts from someone that I know. :) I'm always looking for new ideas on how to use up my fabric scraps.

  6. Yes, I am commenting on a crafting blog. What has my life come to? But seriously, this is a cool wreath. The star must stay.

  7. Love the wreath! The star gives me a more patriotic look. LOVE it!

  8. Love all the cute crafts you girls are posting...and I love that it's a sisters blog. I want to start one with my sisters! Also, I am pro-star when it comes to this wreath!

  9. Love your blog Crafty Sisters! I especially love this wreath tutorial. I absolutely heart America, and for a beginner crafter, like myself, this is the perfect way to make a cute 4th of July and Memorial Day decoration. I definitely vote for the star. What a cute touch!

    What I love most about your blog is the fact that you have many authors. I like that it is one blog with five individual's posts. It's a great way to get lots of ideas and different individual's perspectives. Keep doing what you are doing! I am always looking for new recipes to try and easy crafts for the holidays. Way to go Five Crafty Sisters!

  10. This is so fun!! You guys are the cutest! (I like the star on the wreath by the way...) I love the crafty posts which.. are all the time!! It's so fun to come and get ideas about mothers day gifts or teacher appreciation.. I like that you're going with the holidays, but early enough to get it in before it comes. Yay!

  11. This is so fun! Each of you sharing your talents! And doing it together as sisters! Such a cute idea! And I love the star! It makes the wreath pop!

  12. Love the wreath Allison(I think I like the star on too!)!! Great post you crafty girl!

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  14. Cute Allison! Definitely like it with the star! My favorite thing about the blog is all the cool ideas I can now steal from the amazing Platt sisters!

  15. I love that you have weekly themes. It's great. I like the mixture of crafts/tutorials and food also.

  16. This is the best blog ever! My favorite thing is that I get to see each of your creativity show through and I can also get your humor through your great writing skills. You are all funny, beautiful, talented women and I am glad to call you my cousins!

  17. Yep, the star gets my vote. What would I like to see more of on your blog? That's easy--Isla modeling whatever you make!