Friday, May 11, 2012

Shauna: Surprise Apple

 Teachers work hard.  I never realized how hard they worked until I grew up and had friends who became teachers (and they are middle school teachers no less!).  That is why Dave and I decided to make our teacher friends gifts to show them our appreciation and since I'm obsessed with surprise balls lately (see my garden apron post), I decided we'd make surprise ball apples-because what teacher would want real fruit as a present?!

I also thought it would be lovely to write the teacher in your life a lovely letter on some happy apple stationary I made.

Click here to download and print


  1. So cute! I need to make those little balls!! Way to go, Shaun!

  2. Awesome idea! And that paper is so stinking cute! I love the quote! Great job, Shaun!

  3. I loved the surprise ball (apple). What a great way to finish off teacher appreciation week. Thanks!!!

  4. PS- your apple stationary is soooooo cute. I want to make it into wall paper in my classroom.