Monday, May 14, 2012

Lisa: Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day!  We had a very nice time here.  The weather was perfect and the company was great!  I received some wonderful presents from my children but my favorite is what I force them to give me every year: pictures!  I make them get ready for church early and let me take pictures of them.  I remind them that it is Mother's Day any time that they feel like not smiling or like not having their sister's hand on their shoulder!  Awesome.

As you can see, my plan always works extremely well.  Ugh!

Well, three out of the four smiling and with their eyes open?  I'll take it!

For this week, we've decided on the theme of "Memorial Day" for our posts.  Memorial Day is traditionally meant to honor our veterans who have fallen.  Our little city does a service at our local cemetery that is great for honoring the sacrifice of our veterans and for us to talk with our children about war and armed forces and patriots.   For me, though, Memorial Day has come to mean even more.  It is a time to gather with family and friends and neighbors and celebrate what it means to live in this great country!  It also marks the beginning of the summer season.  In our family, Dad would prep and plant his huge backyard garden.  It meant, too, that school would get out soon!  With my family now growing older, we love to mark this holiday with camp outs, BBQs, hikes and generally just being outside!  So I thought a post on some of our favorite BBQ dishes would be a good idea!

First up: Broccoli and Ramen Noodle Salad
This may be my favorite salad!  It is so tasty!  And yes, it is very similar to a salad made with cabbage but the dressing is very light and the broccoli tends to stay a lot crispier than the cabbage does.  I first had this at a good friend's birthday party but the bringer of the salad wouldn't give up the recipe.  I turned to my favorite allrecipes and typed in the ingredients and there you go.  Found it!!  My only changes to that recipe are that I use about six green onions not the whole bunch and I use two 12 oz. bag of the broccoli slaw instead of the one. 

Next: Fruit Salad
  This is also very light and it is very simple, as well.  I just use the fruit I have on hand.  Chop up the fruit and add a little squeeze of lemon to keep those bananas from going bad, then mix in a small carton of your favorite yogurt (flavor doesn't matter) and enjoy!  Easy and healthy!

And finally, the main course:  Grilled Tri Tip

Many years back, my husband brought some sliced tri tips home from a trip to Costco.  I had never worked with tri tips before and was unsure how to treat them.  He found a recipe and grilled them up.  It became our new favorite!  We love these!  The flavor of the marinade and the tender cut of beef is fantastic!

So here is our BBQ.  We also like to grill up baby potatoes.  All very delicious!  Everyone loves these recipes!  Even the goat!

Sorry, Jimmer. None for you!




  1. Man... you're way more creative with BBQ's than I am! Looks so good!

  2. P.S. "E" has almost the exact face in that first pic that you had in multiple family pics. Karma... :)

  3. I love that you take pictures of the kids every Mother's Day. That is such a fantastic idea. Also, the broccoli salad looks delicious! I think we will be having that this week. Oh...LOVE THE GOAT! Ha ha!

  4. I need to make that food! I never know what sides go with my main course, I love your ideas. And I just want a goat!!

  5. You have a goat named Jimmer? That is AWESOME!! Made my day!