Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shauna: Getting into the Olympic spirit

Hey there everyone!! Today as the boys and I anticipated a play date with some friends we decided to turn it in to a laid back Olympian party with little activities centered (loosely!) around the upcoming Olympics to get the kids excited.

A few years ago I really got into stenciling t-shirts with spray paint, and I thought it might be fun to get some cheap shirts and spray on the London flag.  

 It was so simple to do, I just layed down some paper and sprayed 4 straight lines on the with T and it was done! I think they turned out fun, and they can keep wearing them long after the Olympics is over.  

So once our friends arrived, they put on their shirts, discussed
what the Olympics were, and showed them where London was located.

 I told them about all the different countries that participated in the Olympics and how they all brought their own flags.  So we decided to make some of our own flags out of colored sugar cookie dough. 

After they made some fancy creations, we moved on to coloring pages with Olympic themes.

Then we had a contest to see who could build the highest tower.

 Our last game was the most exciting, I popped some popcorn and gave each of the kids their own bowl.  Their objective was to see who could get the most popcorn in the big bowl. There was lots of giggling involved.

After the fun of the game wore off, they started eating the popcorn and I turned on the only slightly British kid cartoon movie we had, 101 Dalmatians, and they had a great time.

After the movie, they played for a bit on their own and then we all ate "fish and chips" (chicken nuggets and french fries...).

 After eating, it was time for the kids to go home so we sent them away with some Olympic goody bags which included their flag cookies, coloring page, and a gold medal (a sugar cookie on some ribbon so they can wear it and eat it!).  It was an all around good time and got not only the kids excited for the upcoming weeks but me as well.  I love when the world can put aside differences and get together.  Happy Olympic season everyone.


  1. Shauna... I love it! What a fun mom you are!! :)

    1. I think I'm more fun when it's blog day! haah

  2. Holy cow! Your play dates are awesome. I'm not going to tell Penelope everything she would get to do if she went to your house :) I LOVE the shirts. Nice job!

    1. Thanks Sara, I don't think I can mention Penelope around Clark because he would just freak out because he misses her so much.

  3. ***That was from the way :)

  4. Nice way to get the kis excited for the Olympics!! Love it!