Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sara Jane: Nutella Wednesday

Would you believe me if I told you I once had an unopened jar of Nutella in my cupboard for a year and a half?!?  

True story. 

I had never had (or even heard of) Nutella before when a friend gave my hubby a jar of it for Christmas.  Having no idea what it was, I stuck it in the cupboard and completely forgot about it (tells you how much I actually clean my cupboards).  When the day came for me to finally clean out the cupboards (moving, I assume), I threw the jar away with out even thinking twice.  

That was nearly 4 years ago.   Now, I would never EVER throw a jar of that heavenly treat out.  We don't just buy Nutella to snack on.  No.  It is a part of our pantry staples.  We eat it on tortillas, on sandwiches, on crackers...heck, sometimes I eat it by the spoonfuls by itself.

The other day while pinning, I came across this recipe for Nutella cookies, by Tasty Kitchen.  I decided to try it out today to give to my father-in-law for his Cookie of the Month.  While they are not my absolute favorite cookie in the entire world (which would be oatmeal chocolate chip, by the way), they are pretty tasty and I think Eric will enjoy them.  The recipe at Tasty Kitchen uses sugar.  I omitted the sugar, as per the Pinterest recommendation.

Nutella Cookies


* 1 cup Nutella
*1  cup flour
*1  egg


Combined all the ingredients.  I then used my cookie scoop to scoop out the dough, rolled it in my hands, and then flattened the dough to about 1/4 inch.  Bake for 8 minutes at 350*.

Something that we have decided to do with our Cookie of the Month is to put it in a creative container.  For this month, I grabbed the following items...a glue gun, fabric, and a Pringles container.

Next, I cut out enough fabric to cover my canister.  To ensure you don't waste fabric, measure around the canister, just like you would if you were wrapping a present.  Then, I started gluing on the fabric.  I started at the top (make sure you don't glue the top fabric over where the lid will fit) and then glued down where the two pieces met creating a seam.

To finish off the bottom, I folded and glued, folded and glued and folded and glued until all the fabric was securely glued down.  

Here's how it should look when it is finished.

Pretty cute, if you ask me.

Is your mouth watering yet???

Happy Wednesday!

Sara Jane


  1. Is it blasphemy to hate Nutella if you're from the NW? Call me crazy... I don't like FILBERTS (not hazelnuts) so I guess that makes sense. :) Love the cookie idea and canister! I've seen it and meant to try it. Love the pictures too! Maybe I should just say I love your post (and you!). :)

    1. I actually don't like filberts either. Never have and probably never will. I do, however, LOVE Nutella. Weird! Love you, too!

  2. I dare say I love nutella more than peanut butter...and I LOVE peanut butter! Cute canister idea!

  3. So cute, Sara!! I love the idea of the cookie canister as a way to gift cookies and I love anything with Nutella! I didn't know about it either until I was about 30!! (So, like last year!) Did you know there is an international Nutella day?? Pretty awesome! *Sigh*

  4. to lazy to sign out of Dave's e-mail. Those look SO good!! I love the pringles can, what a great idea. cute fabric too!

  5. I discovered Nutella on my mission, only my first discovery of it was called Duo. Which is Nutella mixed with some sort of white deliciousness. If I ever find a jar I'll have to send it to you. It's amazing. Even better than the original, in my opinion.