Monday, July 23, 2012

Lisa: Inspiration Boards

Hello!!  Welcome to another crafting week at fivecraftysisters!  What I wanted to share with you this week is something I did for my children last Christmas.  I got the idea from a Pottery Barn Teen catalog but I adapted it just a little.  Here is the original:

Inspirational Quotes Wall Art
It looks pretty cool and like some art that all my kids would like in their rooms.  I wanted to change some of the messages, though, so I thought maybe I should make my own!  I bought used magazines from my library for 5 cents and used some magazines of my own.  Over a few months, I cut out quotes and ideas and phases that I thought described my children or things I wanted them to aspire to or just something to remember!  It was quite inspirational for me as I thought about each of my children and what kind of people they are and what they can become!!  I then took an artist's canvas from Hobby Lobby and painted it a color they like and Modge Podged all the cut outs on.  And here is what they got:
It isn't as chaotically organized as Pottery Barn's art was but I like the personal touch.  I want it to eventually hang over their desk in their bedrooms so that they can remember how amazing they all are.

And they all loved it.  Even my teenage boy whose goal in life is to make a face in every picture I take!!  But I wouldn't have it any other way! 

I love you, my little monkeys!!



  1. I love that you did this for your kids! So cute, and definitely something I'm going to attempt in the future. :)

  2. I am going to do this with my little guys. I think I will use pictures though. I do love G's face. He he!