Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sara Jane: DIY Sprinkler


I hope you all are having a patriotic day filled with fun!  My little family is headed off to a parade and then food and fireworks with my family!

But....before we take off, a quick and easy way to stay cool.

What you will need:  

1 (2 liter) soda bottle, a male to male adapter (I picked mine up for $1.00 at our local Bi-Mart), scissors, and a hose.

How to:

After emptying the soda from the bottle, poke holes in the bottle with scissors or a sharp knife.  Connect one end of the adapter to the bottle and the other to your hose.  Next position your sprinkler.  I hung mine from one of our apple trees.  Perfect height. Turn on your water and enjoy!

Sara Jane

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  1. Love it, Sara! Hope you guys are having a fun 4th! Love you!