Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites: Allison's Favorite Blog

Welcome to another Friday Favorites!  This week you just get to hear from me, since I'm the only one without a life.  Waiting for this baby has given me a lot of extra time.  :)  I thought I'd share with all of you one of my favorite blogs and why I think it's so great.

Before I finally gave in to Pinterest, I used to have a handful of blogs that I really enjoyed checking in with on a weekly basis.  Some of my favorites, were quilting blogs.  I loved to look at all the finished products and to find inspiration in their designs.  I especially loved when they would give the patterns so that I could make the same quilt.  That's one of the reasons I love The Moda Bake Shop.  At, they give you step-by-step directions to create the most beautiful quilts and sewing projects.  Since it is a blog for Moda Fabrics, they even give you the fabric line used.  That's especially helpful if you want to make THE EXACT same quilt.  I actually really enjoy making up my own patterns for quilts, but I'm not the greatest at measurements.  So this blog is very helpful.  :)

I also appreciate how easy it is to navigate through this blog.  You can search the "recipes" to find only baby quilts or search by certain fabric lines.  You can even search through the "chefs" if there is one quilter in particular that you'd like to follow.  I would definitely recommend checking out this blog.  Just look at the cute projects I've been able to complete with their help:

This is a Christmas tree skirt I made for my sister, Shauna.  The pattern was so easy to follow with The Moda Bake Shop's directions and measurements.  I LOVE how it turned out.  If only I could find the desire to make my own now.  :)

Bad pictures, but I think the cuteness still comes out.  :)

This is a baby quilt I made for Sara's little "B".  Looks like I need to make something for Lisa, huh?  :) This was my first experience making pinwheels, and the "recipe" I used from the Bake Shop made it so much easier.  I also loved learning how to make the prairie points and have since used them for other projects.  Do you see yet why you need to visit this blog?  They also have many other projects besides quilts.  I hope you take a second to check it out!  Have a great weekend!




  1. No life??? I don't believe it. You make such incredible quilts. Someday I hope to learn from you how to make quilts too. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks... you're nice. :) I need to learn to bake from you. I especially need a cake pop tutorial. :)

  2. You made me that cute runner last year so you can count that! You are an amazing quilter! I'm going to have to check moda out!