Friday, June 15, 2012

Shauna: Elephant Feet

My husband and I live in an apartment so it's important for us to get outside and enjoy the summer time.  Living in Colorado, we like to go on hikes and trails and explore new towns on the weekends.  It's sad to see the wild fires raging through northern CO (and I don't particularly enjoy the constant smell of BBQ).  We love that part of CO and hope the fire is contained soon, and that those who lost their homes can find comfort.

For the last couple of weeks I've been visiting family in Oregon.  I always forget how green it is there, and how brown it is here!! We all had a great time, and one of our favorite things to do while visiting the grandparents is to go to the Portland Zoo.  It is the prettiest zoo I've ever been to.  It is basically in the middle of a forest, it's just so very wooded, I love it. We went with my mom and Katrina and her kids.

The elephants were Clark's favorite animal, probably because right when we arrived in the elephant section, the trainer came in and had the elephant do tricks and eat bananas.  We had so much fun watching him perform that we decided to make Clark some elephant feet out of some tin cans.

 This is the easiest craft.  I got the idea from here from the queen of crafts herself Martha Stewart.  You can find the instructions there.  Clark is 3 and these are a little hard for him, but he's had fun figuring them out.  The bottom corner picture is a picture of him after he fell.