Monday, June 18, 2012

Lisa: Summer Parties!!

I hope everyone had a terrific Father's Day! We had a lovely day here saying thanks to our Papa!!  We went around the dinner table and each of the kids said things that they loved about their dad.  It was very touching and sweet!

On to a new week!  With the first day of summer coming up this week, we thought our theme this week should be Parties!  Around here, summer means a lot of outdoor parties and get togethers.  I have a birthday party, water party, field day, end of school party, family get togethers and neighborhood parties all coming up within the next month!  So much fun!  In the past, we have done a lot of fun games and activities at our parties but I thought I'd show you some ideas from around the web that are going to be incorporated into our parties this coming month!!

Birthday Party: This site has an awesome idea for a Messy Boys' Party.  They are going to go crazy with this!!  Shaving cream, water balloons, cold spaghetti, water guns, finger jello!!  Awesomeness!

Water Party:  At the end of the school year, my daughter's whole grade goes to a local party and has a water party.  These games will be perfect for them!  Freeze-Water Tag, Beach Towel Toss, and more!!

Field Day:  What better way for kids to end their school year and kick off summer than with a field day!! Here's a site with a lot of fun games that are perfect for a field day!

End of School Party:  Mostly the kids just want to hang out with their friends and have pizza for their end of school party but it is always good to have some activities!!  Here's a couple I've found that I want to give a try!!
Lawn Twister

Noodle Darts
Target game shot

Family Get Togethers:  At our last family get together(on my husband's side, sorry sisters!!), we had a "Minute To Win It" Party.  It was a huge hit!!  There was much laughter and fun had by all!!  Here's a site with a few of the games but the games can be found all over the web!!  These would be great for teenager parties, as well!

Neighborhood Party:  For our neighborhood parties, we usually just invite people over to have a good dinner and a lot of get-to-know-you talk!  This tablescape looks perfect for that!

Twilight Inspired Wedding Part 1: Tablescape

But this is what I ususally end up with!!  (And yes, I know this is from a tv show but mismatched chairs, a sheet for a table cloth, and random plates, cups and bowls.  That is my sort of tablescape, unfortunately!!)

There you have it, our summer party ideas!!  Have any ideas you'd like to share??  I'm always looking for new ideas!!  On to you, Allison!!



  1. I love all those party ideas, Lisa! (And I love that show!) :)

  2. One stop shopping for parties! I love it. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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