Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shauna: Halloween Costumes

 Fall is here! Can you believe it?  I love this time of year, so much anticipation for the upcoming holidays and so many exciting activities to do with the kids! Last weekend my husband took me and the kids up to Frisco, Colorado, it was the perfect first day of fall.  We rented bikes and rode through the Vail pass.  Let me tell you, it was GORGEOUS!!  The town also just happened to put on a firework show that night, and we had a blast! Now I am completely in the Fall state of mind! 


As we enter the holiday season my boys are getting more and more excited about Halloween.  Clark has been has been changing his mind about what he is going to dress up as, and I've been trying to gear his mind away from anything too nerdy, however they would make adorable Hobbits... I love the idea of sewing original costumes and last year Clark was Peter Pan while Wes was a French man.  This year Clark finially decided he wants to be a knight(pretty nerdy), and he insists that Wesley is going to be his dragon(even nerdier...).  

I've been searching Pinterest for ideas of knight costumes, and will probably watch Knights Tale to shed some further light on the situation.  For Wesley, I've decided to make something like this dinosaur costume from Pottery Barn Kids and modify it. Speaking of Pottery Barn Kids, have you seen their costumes this year? Ridiculously adorable and horribly overpriced.  They make for some great inspiration.

Also look at this adorable superhero costume!! I am in love.  This would be so easy to duplicate, and I'm sure you could find someone with a embroidery sewing machine. 

Well once I finish the boys costumes, I'll post them on here and hopefully they'll stay together long enough to go trick or treating!


  1. Their costumes from last Halloween are so adorable!! But really, you could dress them in anything and they'd be adorable! Hobbits would be awesome! I can't wait to see you final costumes!

  2. Seriously, Shauna... you're so amazing! I have bought Isla's costumes the last two years from Old Navy... when they're 75% off (that's like 2 days before Halloween). :) I want to be like you when I grow up! Oh! And can your boys be any cuter??