Monday, September 24, 2012

Lisa: Being a Scout Mom

Hello again!  Sorry, everyone, about last week.  I'm not fired, am I?!  I'll pretend I'm not. :)

So this week I thought I'd give you some of my ideas on being a Scouting Mom.  I have two boys, as you may know, and both are involved in Scouts.  My eldest got his Eagle rank last year and my youngest is still in Cubs.  With all that scouting, I have found a few things that really work for me in keeping organized and helping my boys!  Hopefully they are a help to you, too!

The first is clear nylon thread. 

Now, as you may also know, I am not the best seamstress. I try but don't really sew straight! This thread is the perfect solution for me.

See?  You can't really notice it.  Well, if you look closely you can but not from a distance!
It is available at most stores in their thread section.

Another useful thing is tot use baseball card holders to keep the blue cards they give with the scout awards.

9 Pocket Pages - Ultra Pro Plastic Sheet Card Pages (10 Sheets)

 When the boys go for their Eagle, they have to prove they earned their awards and know the dates they were awarded their different ranks and badges.  This is perfect to keep the blue cards organized and have all that information when they need it.  Plus it is nice for them to look at and see what they need to earn still.


Here's some of my oldest boy's cards in the holders.  I just kept it all in a three ringer binder along with the merit badges he was working on and camp info. and projects, etc.  It is a little easier now that everything has gone digital but it is still nice to keep a hard copy in case a badge goes missing or isn't awarded.  I found these at Hobby Lobby.
The last thing I'd like to show you is a mother's ribbons that I got from our local scout shop.
It has one side for all the Cub Scout Mother's Pins and another side for the Boy Scout Mother's Pins (These are someone else's ribbon, by the way. I don't have a picture of mine!).  Like I said, I bought mine but these could be very easy to make and it is a lot easier for the boys to pin onto rather than their mom's shirt!
There you are.  A few ideas for how to help as the mom of a Boy Scout!  See you next week!


  1. Great tip that I will keep in mind for when our Scouting days come. Oh and I'm pretty sure you're not fired. You've been soooo busy lately. I'm sure my week/month will come :)


    1. Thanks, Sara! I do feel like my life is a little too busy right now but things will settle soon, I hope!

  2. Lisa, as a scoutmaster i tell my boys they need to sew on their own patches. they need to learn how to sew and this is a great opportunity. whatever you do stay away from glue and the patch magic junk. if you ever want to remove the patch the shirt is basically ruined. Nice work on getting an Eagle. keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Joe. Good idea to have the boys sew on their own patches! I agree about the glue in the shirts. What a mess! And of course you're a scoutmaster! I bet you're awesome at it!!