Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Allison: Almost Back To Normal

Hello, hello!  So, I really don't have a recipe or craft to blog about, but I've honestly missed contributing each week, and just thought I'd do a quick "Hello!" post.  :)

My baby is officially two weeks old now, and I am completely in love!  Our little Norah Lee is the most perfect, beautiful, easy baby that there ever was.  I may sound like I'm bragging, but you would too after living with this little girl the last two weeks.  With my first daughter, I was still feeling the effects of delivery at this point.  But this time around, I feel ALMOST normal after only two weeks.  Amazing.

I thought I'd share some very basic details from the delivery, in case any of you are interested.  For the rest of you, skip this paragraph.  :)  My doctor said that she would induce me after 39 weeks, since this wasn't my first baby and I had been dilating since 36 weeks.  We checked into the hospital on Monday, August 27th around 7:30 am.  By 8:30 am the pitocin was going and my antibiotics had begun for my positive Strep Group B Culture.  By 9:45 am, the contractions had become pretty regular.  They broke my water around 1 pm, and I got the epidural around 2:30 pm (amazing!!).  After that, everything seemed to happen really fast.  At 4 pm, the nurse said that I'd stopped progressing from 7 cm, so she increased my pitocin.  At 4:30 pm she came back in to check me, and said I was at a 10 and the baby was ready to come!  My doctor was there in the next few minutes, and after one contraction, and 3 pushes our little Norah entered the world.  It was the craziest, fastest delivery!  As they handed me my little one, I was in shock and just kept saying, "I can't believe she's here!".  I pushed for 3 hours with Isla, so this was quite a different experience.  But we were so glad she was healthy and had all 10 fingers and toes, and was as beautiful as could be.

Since then, we've been blessed with a baby that sleeps a ton during the day, and has already slept as long as 7 1/2 hours straight at night.  What?!  I'm not complaining, and we are loving every minute with her.  Big sister, Isla, is still adjusting, but loves her little sister.  She's always there to comfort her when she cries, and loves to hold her hand.  I'm so grateful for my two girls, and my amazing husband.  Today was his first day back to work after taking two weeks of paternity leave, and we miss having him here.

I had to add one of Isla.  :)

Believe it or not, I'm itching to start a new quilting project and can't wait to find an extra 1/2 hour to craft a little, so I have something to share on here.  Thank you for all your thoughts and expressions of support, especially from my sisters.  Love you girls!

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  1. What a little beauty! She looks so nice (and is with that sleeping schedule)! What a couple of cuties you have!