Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shauna: Christmas Preparation

September! I can't believe it is already here.  I feel like after August is over it's a straight race to Christmas and I'm often behind on all the preparations, slightly disappointed I didn't plan and do more.  This year I decided Christmas prep starts in September, and while buying toys is oh so fun during Black Friday, I'm not sure the prices are really all that much better then a regular old end of Summer clearance.  

     The Gifts

In preparation for the kiddos, I started looking at my 'for the kids' Pinterest boards for inspirations.  Land of Nod had these adorable comfortable chairs for kids that I pinned a few months ago.  I was really tempted to buy the $125 chair, but knew that was a completely outrageous price for our budget, so I pinned them and pined.  When I checked back on them today I realized they are on clearance for under $40!!  So I bought them and they are going to be wonderful presents for the boys (especially for our family movie night).  

We also wanted to get the boys a toy to play with for Christmas, so we decided to get something from Play Mobil.  Have you seen these toys? They are amazing.  They have a toy for every occasion (even a toy nativity set that I want really badly!). The company has a pretty awesome Egyptian play set (on sale for $50 from $70), so I decided to look online to see where they are the cheapest.  After a little shopping around I realized Toys R Us has up charged about $10 (with free shipping) from the website.  I also checked our local toy store for prices and they are more expensive than Toys R Us  so it looks like you save about $10 by buying from the company website. One of the great things about this toy set is that it comes in several different boxes.  The boys will love opening all of the boxes, and it's big enough that it will be easy for them to share...hopefully!

So altogether the toys and chair come to $110 total, which I don't think is too shabby considering it is for two boys, and that their grandparents give them money for Christmas, which will go toward the gifts as well.  I'll probably make them a few homemade things from material I already have (scarfs, PJs, picture books) and add some stuff for their stockings too.  All in all I feel great about this Christmas and couldn't be happier that their shopping is all done.  Now I just need to get them excited about all things Egyptian


  1. I was thinking today about when we made Christmas presents together a few years ago. Come home so we can make some more :)

  2. I love that Clark W. Griswold made your post! :) Way to go on early Christmas shopping! i haven't even thought about it, and it'll be here before you know it! Good finds, too! I'll have to ask you about all the cool toys when Isla is old enough to actually care. :)

  3. I need to get my Christmas shopping going. I always hate the rush of trying to get it done after Thanksgiving. And vacation isn't vacation with some Chistmas Vacation!!