Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Allison: Crocheting Dreams

Hello, everyone!  I hope you're all enjoying the beginning of my favorite season... Fall!  I, on the other hand, am stuck in almost 100 degree weather, with only dreams of Fall.  In a few months, when the leaves have all fallen, and everyone is sick of gray, ugly days, then I'm sure I'll start my bragging about 65 degree weather in January.  But for now, I'm sad and homesick for the NW.

I was just sitting here at my computer and realized that it's my day to post.  Oops!  This two-kid business is still throwing me for a bit of a loop.  I just ventured to Wal Mart, and was enjoying a few minutes of relaxation before my newborn wakes up and realizes she's still in her carseat and not nursing.

I'm getting distracted... okay... today's post...

On our way home from the store, I stopped to get the mail, and found a package from my good, amazing friend, Chiara.  She had sent Norah this incredible little hat!  What?!  When I moved from Washington she was barely learned to crochet and had only made a couple of blankets.  Now, she could start a business!  It is truly amazing that we can go from not knowing a skill, to being practically an expert in all things related to that skill.  Chiara... I'm proud of you!  And I LOVE the hat!!

If Norah had been awake, I would have used her for the model... not a cup.  :)
A few posts ago, I posted a picture of the beautiful blankets that both my sister, Lisa, and good friend, Jen crocheted for Norah.  I have wanted to learn to crochet for awhile now, and have even ventured to my favorite teacher to learn... You Tube.  But, all it got me was a scarf that didn't quite look right, and another skill to add to my "Someday I'll Learn" list.  But for now, I'll leave it to creative people like Chiara, Lisa and Jen to make my kids cute things.  :)  What do you wish you could learn, but just haven't quite dedicated yourself  enough yet to learn it?

Hope you all have a great week!  Someone go jump in a pile of leaves for me.  :)



  1. That hat is the cutest! I have sewn for years but have never been able to read a pattern. I finally made myself try, and I'm slowly learning. it has opened a whole world of opportunities! I've also thought about quilting since I've seen what you've done. And you learned off of YouTube, right?

  2. I feel so honored to get mentioned in your super cool blog. Crocheting is pretty easy and if you came back here I could show you how to do it!!! Ok, I guess that's not good enough of an incentive to move back to the NW, but it was a shot. :)

  3. That hat is so adorable!! I wish I could master things. I know some sewing, crocheting, knitting, painting, etc, but not enough of any of those to be really proficient! I do wish I could quilt,too. Maybe next time we get together you could hold a class for me!!

  4. Mindi... I did learn online how to sew. I found this great fabric site that has tons of great tutorials (missouriquiltco.com) and then found other tutorials online that got me through it. You can do it!!

    Chiara... I'm not sure I could convince Brent with that reason. Maybe for a visit? :)

    Lisa... you're so modest! The blanket you made Norah is ADORABLE!! Maybe we can swap teaching skills. A quilting lesson for a crocheting lesson. :)