Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shauna: 13 Days of Halloween

For my son, this is the first year he has really gotten excited about Halloween and it is honestly getting me more excited too (I didn't know it was possible).  Every time we go out and he sees a pumpkin or a wreath he gets so happy and yells, 'look Mom Halloween!!!'.  So I decided our yearly tradition of just randomly engaging in fall activities wont cut it this year.  This year we need a plan.  And thus, the 13 days of Halloween was born.

Last year I had an etsy shop selling earings and I had bought LOTS of little craft jewelry boxes and now subsequensly have dozens lying in storage, just calling to be used.  So I decided this would be a perfect craft to use them, making a little advent calender, counting down the days to Halloween with fun toddler friendly activities.

First I painted the boxes, half Orange, half splattered Orange.  Then I wrote the numbers on the lid, glued a magnet on the back, and added fun family Halloween activities with little prizes for the boys to open every morning and enjoy. 

I tried to think of things to do that didn't include spending money, but a couple of the activities cost money, but I figured they were things we would do anyway. 

13 days of Halloween: Activities

1. Mail spooky card to grandparents

2. Attend a Halloween party

3. Make Halloween sugar cookies

4. Have a Halloween party

5. Drink hot apple cider

6. Carve pumpkins

7. Go to a pumpkin patch

8. Have a spooky dinner

9. Make our Halloween costumes

10. Watch a fun Halloween movie

11. Rent Halloween books from the library

12. Go on a fall drive to look at leaves

13. Go Trick or Treating


  1. I love it!!! I've been thinking lately about my Christmas advent calendar and wondering why we don't do more advent calendars throughout the year...I'm making these today :)

    1. I know, I love advent calendars, and I think it helps inpatient kids realize half the fun is the anticipation of the holidays and the activities leading up to them. I think these boxes are easy for young kids too.

  2. Love it, Shauna! I can't wait until Isla is a little more "aware" of holidays. What a fun mom you are! :)

  3. Great idea! Now do I have time to make & execute this year....hmmm.