Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lisa: "The Beginning"

The Five Crafty Sisters!!

To begin with, we are four sisters and one sister-in-law (and yes, we are all in one family).
We love each other but live far apart. 
We miss each other terribly and, unfortunately, don't get to be all together very often. 
 I would often see pictures of the crafts they had created or hear about the new project they were doing and wish that I could do it with them. 
 Recently, a very lovely idea was formed by the very lovely, Allison
 She thought we should attempt to all get together and have a girls' weekend. 
Everyone loved it! 
We all agreed to meet in a month's time at her house. 
We all finally arrived and soon, an idea that had been circulating amongst us came up again: what if we started a blog that we all posted on weekly to show each other (and anyone else who'd like to see!) what we are crafting or baking or sewing or anything!!  
The idea began to take shape! 
The amazingly talented, Shauna, took up the technical side of things. 
Besides designing and setting up the blog, she has a million ideas on how to make it better. 
And we haven't even started yet! 

We have a lot of projects that we'd like to share. 
Our in-house beauty, Sara, even emailed all the sisters that she was already doing a project that I know for a fact she isn't posting for a little while still! 

Our sweet little sister-in-law, Katrina, is even considering getting a facebook account, just to move this blog along!  
That is true dedication! 

A little about myself, before I move on. 
I, Lisa, am the oldest of the sisters. 
 I have an amazing husband and four incredible children. 
My family and I have moved all over this great country of ours but finally seemed to have planted our roots!  I love to cook, scrapbook, crochet, sew (although I'm not very good!), read, repurpose old things and, in general, CRAFT!! 

So, back to the blog! 
We've decided that each of us will take a day to post our project or ideas for the week. 
We will do our posts based on a weekly theme. 
For this week, we are crafting and posting with the theme of
"Cinco de Mayo"
 in mind. 
All of the sisters will post pictures and descriptions of the project or ideas they have for that theme.
I can't wait to see all your amazing posts, my amazing sisters!
Let's get crafting!! 


P.S. We have one more sister and one more sister-in-law that have just too much going on in their lives right now to join us but we hope, if things slow down for them, they'll join the group! Love you all!


  1. Oh Lisa, You are too kind! Great post!!!

  2. Yes, great first post! This is fun!

  3. Look at my lovely sisters! This is so exciting!